Certified laboratory

BEGO - International Wironium Circle

The laboratory has world-class equipment. In charge of the modern equipment, including CEREC laboratory system which is designed for computer technology based production of all-ceramic works, are experienced graduate dental technicians.

The laboratory also cooperates with many external dental practices which it, of course free of charge, supplies with prepared prosthetic works.

Fixed dentures

  • metal-ceramic fixed dentures
  • all-ceramic fixed dentures made using CEREC
  • composite fixed dentures
  • aesthetic ceramic facets, onlays and inlays
  • plug connections
  • fixed dentures into implants

Removable dentures

  • partial removable dentures
  • complete removable dentures
  • hybrid dentures - plug connections, implants
  • making teeth whitening splints
  • protective splints for sportsmen