The Stomatological Center staff´s professional approach to the customers and work guarantees utmost service and general satisfaction.

The aim of treating dentists and staff is to provide you with top service when planning your treatment and the schedule of your visits is strictly adhered to.

Dental care we provide:

Prevention and dental hygiene

  • Comprehensive initial examination, including RVG diagnostics
  • Regular preventive check-ups
  • Taking care of even the youngest family members
          of our permanent patients
  • Supragingival as well as subgingival dental plaque removal
          using ultrasound or AIR-FLOW
  • Depuration and dental pigment removal
  • Oral cavity hygiene instruction

RVG diagnostics

Modern equipment of our RTG (X-ray) workplace allows us to perform radiovisiographic digital diagnostics of commencing caries as well as to create panoramic images of the jaws.

Restorative dentistry

We use state-of-the-art materials and procedures for treatment of dental caries and tooth root system - capsulated non-γ2 amalgam, photocomposite and glass ionomer cement fillings, ceramic inlays, onlays and facets.

Implantology and dental surgery

In our practice we offer the possibility to replace missing teeth with the STRAUMANN implants.
It is the matter of course that even in case of a minor ambulant surgery a qualified dental surgeon will take care of you.

Prosthetics /prosthetic dentistry/

The advantage is that as one of the few we have our own dental laboratory located directly in the building of our dental clinic. Thanks to that the treatment speeds up, is more efficient and our customers need not wait long for their crowns, bridgeworks and other prosthetic dentures.

The work of our laboratory technicians meets the highest demands on quality and aesthetics.

  • Metal-ceramic crowns and bridgeworks

    A crown base is made of metal alloys. Ceramic materials are then fused on it, their shape and colour tailor-made to meet the needs of each customer.

  • All-ceramic crowns, bridgeworks, inlays, onlays
           and aesthetic facets

    They are produced by Sirona´s Cerec InLab computer technology. Prosthetic work designed by doctor, computer-modelled and grinded with a milling machine.

  • Complete/partial removable dentures
  • Hybrid dentures, including plug connections
  • Skeletons
  • Thermoplastic foils

    Protectors against bruxism, carriers for teeth whitening. Protectors for sportsmen.

Selected informative price list of dental procedures:

Dental hygiene:
Dental hygiene instructionfrom
Dental plaque removalfrom
Depuration – professional teeth cleaningfrom
Teeth whitening – in ordinationfrom
Fillings, crowns etc.:
Photocomposite fillingfrom
Non-γ2 amalgam fillingfrom
Metal-ceramic crownfrom
All-ceramic crownfrom
Ceramic inlay from
Ceramic facetfrom

All prices shown are indicative only. Our dentists will present a price plan for your treatment at the initial examination.